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How much is the tuition?

The current tuition for the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education Program (MHNE) is $100 per credit and 37 credits are needed to graduate.  The Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition is $150 per credit and is a 60 credit program.  The Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition is $210 per credit and 63 credits are needed to graduate.  The Nutrition Consultant program costs $115 per credit and 52 credits are needed to graduate. For a complete breakdown of tuition, fees, and resources needed visit the Hawthorn website and click on the program that you are interested in pursuing and look at the section "tuition and fees".


Can I use tuition reimbursement to pay for my courses?

Some organizations have tuition remission policies for their employees. If your company is willing to reimburse you for your course work, Hawthorn University will work with you and make the appropriate arrangements.


Will Hawthorn accept military benefits?

Unfortunately, Hawthorn University does not accept military benefits at this time.


What does it mean to “pay-per-course”?

Students are required to pay for each course prior to the course being released.  This provides students with a more economic way to budget expenses.


Are my textbooks included in my tuition?   

Textbooks are not included in the price of tuition.  To see an estimated cost of textbooks for your program of interest, visit the website, choose the program you are interested in, and click the link for “tuition and fees”.


What books do I have to buy and where?

Students are provided with a list of textbooks for each course.  You can visit our homepage and choose the program you are interested in pursuing.  In the dropdown menu you will find a link for tuition and fees.  This area will provide you with an estimate of textbooks for the entire program and the course-by-course outlay for textbooks.  Students purchase their own textbooks which form the basis for a professional library. We provide you with a list and suggestions of online sources where you can purchase your textbooks. We also work with a supplier, Specialty Books, which can provide one stop shopping for the textbooks needed for Hawthorn’s courses.  Specialty Books has a buy back program. Students download online audio materials and reading materials which are provided mostly in pdf format at no cost.


Do you offer financial aid?

Federal student loan funds cannot be applied to an education at Hawthorn. However, state vocational financial aid funds can be applied to Hawthorn. The California Department of Rehabilitation has funded Hawthorn students in the past, as have California employment insurers. You may want to check into this for your state, if you qualify.


Additionally, it may be helpful for you to know that our "pay as you go" program allows you to pay as you progress through the program, which may ease your financial concerns.

There may be benevolent Education Funds in your area - you should do an advanced Google Search using a variety of key words for this purpose.  You can do a free online scholarship search at www.fastweb.com Or www.annies.com/programs/scholinfo.html

Each year agencies and authors publish guides detailing all sorts of grants and scholarships available to individuals based on a myriad of qualifications. Go to your local library and ask the reference librarian to show you the relevant books. Some available books to search include Peterson's Scholarships, Grants and Prizes, The Scholarship Book by Daniel J. Cassidy, The Complete Scholarship Book by Student Services, and The A's and B's of Academic Scholarships.


Are private scholarships available to Hawthorn students?

Some private scholarships may be available. We encourage prospective students to seek private funding or to inquire if their current employer has a tuition remission policy.

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