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What type of employment will I be prepared for after graduation?

NC and MSHN Hawthorn graduates are trained to work in clinical private practice as certified nutrition consultants, All Hawthorn graduates may write for health oriented publications, lead groups in health oriented programs, lecture for professional groups, lay audiences or schools, teach at schools and other institutions, conduct research, work for supplement or health product manufacturers or health food stores, work with nutrition centers, spas, retreat centers, and sports teams. Graduates may work in association with doctors integrating holistic medicine, physical therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, chiropractors and other licensed health care providers, herbalists, body care specialists, natural foods chefs, therapists, and health counselors.


After graduation, what certifications can I receive?

Graduates of all Hawthorn University programs are qualified to sit for the NANP Board Certification exam. Successfully completing a Hawthorn University program and then successfully passing the national board exam would give the student the title and degree earned from Hawthorn University as well as being Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Graduates of Hawthorn University's Masters and Doctorate Programs receive a diploma and a certificate is awarded to graduates of our Nutrition Consultant program.


Hawthorn University's programs are recommended by The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (www.nanp.org ) which offers nation-wide certifying exams for Nutrition Consultants and Nutrition Educators. Please consult your state legislature for rules specific to your state.


What can I call myself after I have graduated?

Each state/country has different rules that govern what you can call yourself once you have earned your degree. Each student is responsible for checking their option and we recommend asking your local state agency for this information. Our programs are not approved by and do not meet the requirements of the American Dietetic Association, and none of our programs lead to the Registered Dietician (RD) credential.


Are employment opportunities listed for student use?

The student’s website has a link to employment opportunities.  This resource is updated as frequently as possible.


Are students licensed in nutrition when they graduate?

Students at Hawthorn University are not licensed but are certified by Hawthorn after graduating. Working with a licensed health care provider may assist you in billing insurance especially if you bill through that office. However, the NC and Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition programs’ primary focus is on working one-to-one with clients providing holistic nutrition consulting. Students in this program graduate with strong clinical skills. As a graduate of this program you are eligible to take the national Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board exam for Nutrition Consultants.

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